We are just a bunch of nosy kids who love to hear other people stories and who strongly believe in the power of storytelling. We started this project because we think that there are people out there who can relate to these stories.

So, the following is a brief guide to what you can do with Storybook:

Get Inspired

The main purpose of this project is to be the source of inspiration to others. We hope that the stories that we have gathered could give what you need to get up in the morning with the sense of purpose and motivation. So, why don't spend 3 mins of your time and listen to the simple yet inspiring stories of the people who are just like you.

Get In Touch

Well, after you have watched the videos or read the blogs, you can also get in touch with us by giving us your comments or feedback so that we both can improve together.

Share Your Stories

We believe that everyone has stories to share so, why don't you share one of your own? You can write to us or submit your video to our email. You can also contact us to document your stories for you.


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Our Blog

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I have no idea what to call this one!

I am so tired I might dieI am so tired I might dieI am so tired I might dieI am so tired I might dieI am so tired I might dieI am so tired I might dieI am so tired I might dieI am so tired I might die Read More

About Us

The extraordinary stories of the ordinary lives.

We believe that the most extraordinary story is the simplest one. Everybody has something to share and inspire others; therefore, we aim to be the source of that for Myanmar youths.

Our goal is to reach out to as many Myanmar youths as possible and share their stories or the lessons that they have learned throughout their life with the world especially other youths. We want to show and inspire youths in Myanmar to pursue their dreams and fulfill their potentials.

Our Missions


A platform for youth to speak out about their lives and experiences.


A source of inspiration.


We hope that this project can somehow create a positive influence in Myanmar.


Connecting the dots.

Meet Our Pack

Panha S. Theng
Nar Dar Vic
Sai Yee Tip


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